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Getting a Metal Carport/Building Permitted!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Here we discuss the things to consider when getting a permit for your metal structure.

Some of this can save you lots of back and forth and aggravation.

Can you get a Permit?

If your the property owner, then yes. But wait..... There may, or better yet will be stipulations.

Will you need building plans?

Arial view of where your putting the structure?

A plot, layout or plan showing property lines?

Size of Structure?

Will the structure be on ground, gravel, concrete or asphalt?

Ohhh and by the way, some city's require if the structure is in a commercial area, the structure may have appearance stipulations.

So lets dive deeper.

You would think buying a structure is the first step?

Well.... actually yes and no..

Start with do I need a permit. If your in city limits, most likely yes for sure you will need a permit.

Call your city or county and inquire about your address. Get the list of requirements.

Doing your homework will save you in the long run.

Some municipalities wont let you install within certain distances of other permanent structures. You cant install a structure larger then the main structure.

You cant exceed a certain amount of square footage of structures on your lot.

There may be weather certification requirements:

Snow loads, if you are in a snow accumulating type environment, there may be minimum requirements that the structure must meet.

Wind load, if you are close to the coast or in high elevations, wind load can play a key in whether you can even get a structure to meet the requirement.

The worst thing is when you ordered the structure get plans then go get permit and find out, you cant have the structure for some various reason.

A lot of dealers for metal structure manufacturers wont give refunds on the deposit that you paid. You might be thinking, they should have known. Well the honest answer is they don't, because every city/county can have variations in what code or codes they uphold.

Building Plans.

Building plan requirements can vary.

Generic plans. Basically, plans that cover a range of sizes, but show construction engineering and surface requirements.

Typically generics are free with the purchase of a metal structure.

Wet Sealed plans. These are plans showing your exact structure with doors and windows.

Your local permitting dept. may also require actual plans that have the raised seal stamp, sent directly to permitting dept., vs a digital copy.

All manufacturers will charge for these type plans. The fee can vary depending on the cost of your structure.

You do your homework and have all your requirements.

So lets say you need a permit, and your local municipality informs you the following.:

Boundary stipulations.

Max size of structure.

You will need to provide drawing of where on the property the structure is going.

Building plans, generic is fine.

Structure must be installed on concrete.

Snow and or wind loads.

Now, lets find a deal!!!

You have all the info necessary to get an accurate quote.

Whether you go to a local ground dealer or online. There are a lot to choose from.

Finding a sales person that is knowledgeable and cares about your structure and needs is very valuable.

Sometimes if your area requires higher then normal snow or wind loads, the dealer may need to reach out to the manufacturer for proper pricing.

Get multiple quotes! Tell the salesperson your getting multiple, they will give up some of their commission money to seal a deal.

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